Can cover

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Can cover

The can cover is a perfect tool to protect your soda can from any insects. Simply clip-on the insect repelling lid on top of the can. That way insects can't find their way into your drink. Thanks to small holes in the can cover, you can still enjoy your canned beverage. As the product is very durable and solid, you can use it over and over again.

The can cover is not only easy to use and insect-proof, but it's the perfect marketing tool. Put the logo of your event, sponsor or company on the insect repelling lid and you will get a lot of attention, no doubt. 

The cover is available in 14 colors and can be printed in 1 colour, 2 colours and even full colour.

Besides the can cover, we also offer the glass cover in this range.Placing this cover on your glass, will allow you to enjoy your drink without any bugs. 


After multiple uses, the product might become a little loose at the rim of the soda can. This is very easy to avoid by bending the can cover a little bit. Afterwards the product will fit perfectly again. 

Dishwasher safe

The can cover is 100% dishwasher safe. However, we advise to hand wash printed can covers with hot water and soap. The ink used is food-grade and therefore not resistant to chemicals used in dishwashers. If a printed can cover is used in a dishwasher, the ink will come off  after a few times. However the product remains usable. 

Printing Options

  • your logo and/or text
  • your artwork
  • photo's

Benefits of the can cover

  • Your logo, company name or website on the can cover ensures a personalized image and name recognition. Sponsors, logos or brands will attract a lot of attention on the can cover, among other things thanks to the detailed printing and the fact that it is widespread at a wide audience.
  • Thanks to personalisation of the can cover logos, brands, sponsors or names will be easy to recognise. So thanks to the can cover, representative logo recognition is possible.   
  • Frequent use is perfectly feasible, because they are manufactured from durable and solid materials. Moreover, this lid is dishwasher proof. 
  • b-token is manufacturer of the can cover. This guarantees you fast turnover times and tremendous flexibility. Another advantage of this is that we can support and advise you with your personal design. 
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