Wooden cloakroom tokens


Our cloakroom tokens made from wood waste, give your cloakroom a very unique look. These numbered, wooden coins do not only look professional and exclusive, they also guarantee a smooth and efficient service for your guests.

We offer a model with a round opening (9 mm) and a model with a square opening. The hook or coat rack for which the cloakroom numbers are used, determines the model that you require. The coins are equipped with rounded corners so that clothing cannot be damaged.

The wardrobe tokens are made from a combination of wood fibres and natural resin in a special production process. This high-tech method results in a token similar to the MDF principle. The coins are completely biodegradable as they consist of 100% natural materials. Despite the natural character of this material, our wooden tokens are perfectly reusable. In the long run, this makes them more economical than paper alternatives.

We print our wardrobe tokens digitally in the best quality, with good adhesive and opaque ink. Very detailed designs are also possible.

b-token produces the wooden tokens themselves, allowing fast delivery times and enormous flexibility. You can order our tokens via our b-token webshop or contact us via e-mail or the contact form.

Order online now! Request offer!
Order online now! Request offer!


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